The EU Agricultural subsidies reach the big players, but how does that occur in reality?

This article was originally published on EUFACTCHECK

No less than 59 billion euros were awarded to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2019. That is approximately 36% of the total EU budget. European policy provides for enough food to be harvested in a sustainable way. In addition, consumers should be able to buy agricultural products at a reasonable price and farmers should have a proper income.

The current CAP consists of two parts: rural development subsidies and agricultural subsidies, which are aimed at market regulation and income support for the farmers. The latter is where the most money goes, but at the same time most of the money is misused. Income support is paid out in the form of direct payments. Every farmer who meets the environmental and sustainability requirements of the European Union can count on 260 euros per hectare of agricultural land.


13 juni 2020 voor EUFACTCHECK

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